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We’re building a house to inspire entrepreneurs. Help us get fund the project!

“Yes.. we’re pushing our luck to raise enough to build a free entrepreneurship house-like school.”
Justin C.


Everyone else that I had a talk with says the idea is awesome but not all awesome ideas get what they luck and support they need to get started.

To further push our luck, we supported the idea by buying a land ($31,000 value) in an awesome place. It’s going to be mind-blowing if we get to build a house there the soonest time too. If not, we’ll figure out sooner or later how to get the house built… eventually.

Our team is pushing our luck with Indiegogo, a crowd funding platform. We might have gone with Kickstarter if they had something for the Philippines.

We have prepared some awesome perks for the funders to have them feel secured with their investment.

What you’ll get within the next 2 months…

  • Video creation service (see our introductory video for quality)
  • Contributor here at LearnHill.com
  • Your company logos on streamers + videos

What you’ll get after the house gets built

  • Wall tattoos
  • Hill Days to make everything free for you