I am a Chromecast user. If I wanted to watch in fullscreen on my HDTV via chromecast, I should be able to switch tabs and multitask on my laptop without affecting my Chromecast viewing experience.

What happens when I alt+tab in fullscreen mode on Google Chrome

When I watch my e-Sports, I hit full screen on my streaming tab, switch to other active tabs and maintain the fullscreen view on my video.

The recent Google Chrome update (Version 32.0.1700.76) killed this multitasking capability. When viewing any flash powered video players (i.e. twitch.tv, youtube.com, & CBS) alt-tabbing would close my fullscreen view back to a smaller view. Multiple users here and here had the same issue.

The issue

Apparently, the built-in Google Chrome flash player called PepperFlash (across Windows, Mac and Linux) has been the causing issue.

The fix

While the Chrome developers are working on a fix, we have found a way to get you back on multitasking. This is not an official fix.

  1. Install the Fullscreen Anything on your Chrome browser.
    fullscreen anything
  2.  A new icon icon will appear.
  3. When streaming, click on that blue “Fullscreen Anything” icon on your Google Chrome browser.


This should work on Windows, Mac and Linux with Google Chrome browsers.

If this does not fix your issue or you have other ways to get around the problem, feel free to leave a comment.